Every Monday in April 6-9pm- The Estrada Band
Every Tuesday in April 7-10pm- The Down Home Trio
Every Thursday in April 6-9pm- Jazz Express

24th March (Fri) 7-10pm- Ian Peters
25th March (Sat) 7-10pm- Estrada Brothers
26th March (Sun) 3-6pm- Karen Eden
31st March (Fri) 7-10pm- Brandon Ragan

1st April (Sat) 7-10pm- Rivera & Sunnaborg Duo
2nd April (Sun) 3-6pm- Karen Eden
5th April (Wed) 6-9pm- Toni Jannotta
7th April (Fri) 7-10pm- Ian Peters
8th April (Sat) 7-10pm- Estrada Brothers
9th April (Sun) 3-6pm- Estrada Brothers

12th April (Wed) 6-9pm - Kenny Devoe Drum Circle! 

      (bring your bongos, clap sticks, spoons and  play along!)
14th April (Fri) 7-10pm- Brandon Ragan
15th April (Sat) 7-10pm- The Copa Kings
16th April (Sun) 3-6pm- The Copa Kings
19th April (Wed) 6-9pm- Open Mic w/ Toni Jannotta
21st April (Fri) 7-10pm- Laura Cozzi and Soul Machine
22nd April (Sat) 7-10pm- Hot Roux
23rd April (Sun) 3-6pm- Karen Eden
28th April (Fri) 7-10pm- Ian Peters
29th April (Sat) 7-10pm- Brandon Ragan
30th April (Sun) 3-6pm- Sole Expression